Here is my new story for the exhibition with 'Die Goldene Diskofaust'.

Read it here:
Push & Pull

Here are some impressions of our one week festival and exhibition on Import//Export.
These are the lovely participants and my dearest friends: Ilki Kocer, Karolina Chyzewska, Olga Holzschuh, Katharina Röser, Sheree Domingo, Kirsten Rothbart, Nicole Sporrer, Schirin Moaiyeri and me.

Die Goldene Diskofaust sticht in See

The first group exhibition of 'Die Goldene Diskofaust' is taking place on the Import/Export boat in Kassel! We put together a fun programm for our little pirate festival from August, 12th to 18th. Join us! Arrr!
(illustration by Sheree Domingo and Katharina Röser)